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Dental Cleaning

Smiling patient looking up while sitting in dental exam chairDental cleanings are among the recommended procedures by the American Dental Association that everyone should have twice a year. Regular cleanings help reduce the growth of bacteria that may lead to severe illnesses such as gum disease and tooth decay. During the dental cleaning, your dentist will remove excess tartar and plaque. This eliminates large amounts of bacteria since they live in dental tartar and plaque. Visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental to acquire more information about dental cleanings.

Types of Dental Cleanings

The dentist will first assess the build up and tartar on your teeth to identify the right treatment for you. Depending on your specific situation, your dentist will perform one of the following cleanings:

Scaling and Root Planing Cleaning

Also known as deep cleanings, scaling and root planing cleanings are used as treatment options for periodontitis and gingivitis to manage pockets in the gums. Typically, deep cleanings to manage gingivitis are carried out in one dental appointment. On the other hand, deep cleanings to address periodontitis may require local anesthetics and multiple appointments.

Scaling removes tartar and plaque in the gum pockets beneath the gum line and tooth surface that may result in gum illnesses. In addition, it helps minimize the chances of gum inflammation. Root planing is a procedure carried out on your tooth roots to help your teeth reattach with the gums by removing gum pockets.

Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning

Prophylaxis entails disease prevention. Thus, prophylaxis dental cleanings are a procedure for your healthy teeth to prevent gum disease and tooth decay infections. These cleanings eliminate tartar and plaque on both sides of your teeth using steamed water and a dental scaler. Most dental patients that practice good dental hygiene and attend bi-annual dental check ups will require prophylaxis cleaning.

Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

Periodontal maintenance cleaning is a dental procedure aiming to manage gum infections. It entails removing excess tartar and plaque within the gum pockets and tooth surface and smoothing out the roots if required. This procedure is carried out more frequently compared to other dental cleaning procedures. This is because gum infections are progressive and worsen when not effectively managed.

Gross Debridement Cleaning

Gross detrimental cleaning is an intensive dental procedure designed to cleanse teeth with a profuse amount of tartar and plaque. Typically, these cases are associated with patients struggling with maintaining oral hygiene and regular check-ups. Plaque will harden into tartar that accumulates into large hard amounts. Thus, an electrical tool is used for loosening tartar during this procedure. After removing tartar and plaque, a prophylaxis cleaning is performed to leave your teeth clean.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are helpful procedures on your teeth and gums to prevent injury and further complications. For instance, if carried out properly, they will minimize the chances of tooth decay and gingivitis affecting your oral performance. Therefore, you should consider finding a reliable dentist for the best dental cleaning procedures.

It is always recommended that you maintain regular dental hygiene alongside bi-annual dental appointments for your oral health. For more information about dental cleanings, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Call us today at (971) 978-0266.

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Regular cleanings help reduce the growth of bacteria that may lead to severe illnesses such as gum disease and tooth decay. Call us today!
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