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Dental Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothFrom time to time, your teeth may get damaged due to injuries, decay, and wear and tear. This makes them lose their appearance and size. Luckily, our dentists offer various procedures and treatments to remedy these problems. Dental crowns are among the most common dental devices used by dentists to enhance the strength and appearance of your damaged teeth. Typically, these appliances are caps that are fitted above your broken teeth. They cover, protect, and restore your tooth's shape when other devices won't. In addition, they are easy to maintain and only require regular oral hygiene. To learn more about dental crowns, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental today.

Reasons Why You May Need Dental Crowns

There are different reasons why you may need a dental crown. Your dentist will determine if you will need one based on your specific situation. Here are some of the most common reasons you may need one.

To Protect Broken Teeth from Decay

Your cracked or broken tooth can be easily damaged and disrupted by bacteria attacking your pulp. This can cause pain, swelling, infection, and further damage to the tooth. A crown would help keep bacteria away from the pulp of your tooth and help prevent further decay. Therefore, you don't have to worry about permanent damage to your teeth.

Restore the Shape and Appearance of Your Tooth

A dental crown restores the natural shape and appearance of your tooth. It also prevents further decay and cavities from forming on that tooth. Crowns also offer support to the implant to avoid misplacement over time. Also, it protects implants from possible damage from chewing.

Overall Protection of Teeth That Have Undergone Other Procedures

Many procedures can be performed on your teeth to improve their appearance and function. These may include teeth whitening, teeth straightening, veneers, and implants. While these procedures can be effective at improving the overall look of your smile, they all require the use of temporary crowns until the final restoration is completed.

Temporary crowns are typically made from porcelain or resin and are used to protect your tooth until the permanent restoration has been completed. Dental crowns offer an alternative solution for patients who have had several fillings or bridges before having a permanent restoration applied to their teeth.

Materials Used in Making Dental Crowns

Permanent dental crowns are made from various materials that include metal, composite materials, or resin. You and your dentist will decide which one is right for your specific needs.


Metal crowns are the most common dental crowns, made from various metals. These metals are used to prepare alloys to restore decayed, broken, and missing teeth. The materials may include gold, porcelain, or composite materials.

Composite Materials

Composite materials are used when a patient needs a replacement tooth that has lost its natural structure. Composite materials include resin, glass, and ceramic. Resin is a plastic that may be combined with other materials to achieve specific results. Glass and ceramic materials provide strength while remaining flexible and comfortable for wear.

All Resin

Resin is a composite material used in permanent dental crowns. It is a blend of two or more polymer resins that contain additives, such as glass fibers and silica sand. It is applied to a metal mold, and then the mold is impacted with a hammer to make it flexible. Later, it results in a durable crown that requires replacement after many years.

Dental crowns are good for damaged teeth that have undergone other dental procedures. They protect and strengthen your teeth, making them feel more comfortable and natural. Also, they can reduce pain in your teeth and last for many years. For more information about dental crowns, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Call us at (971) 978-0266 today.

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Dental crowns are good for damaged teeth that have undergone other dental procedures. Visit our site for more info on tooth crowns & call us to schedule!
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