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Dental Exam

Older white patient sitting in dental chair calmly discussing his oral health with his Black female dentistA dental exam is a checkup procedure performed by your dentist for your gums and teeth. Typically, adults and children should receive this procedure twice a year. These exams are essential for maintaining your oral health. Most oral health conditions can worsen and become more painful when left untreated.

You can acquire a dental exam from your general dentist or a dental hygienist. A general dentist is a skilled and trained practitioner to maintain your gums and teeth. On the other hand, a dental hygienist is a specially trained professional responsible for cleaning your teeth and maintaining oral health. Although general dentists can treat various patients of differing ages, pediatric dentists are accountable for children's dental health. These dentists receive additional training focusing on children's dental care. We have the right dentist to fit your needs. Visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental for more information about dental exams.

Reasons for Dental Exams

Dental exams identify gum disease, tooth decay, and other health concerns early on before they become complicated. Further development of these problems can lead to more severe issues that are hard to manage. These exams train people about the best procedures for maintaining teeth and gums. Thus, they help ensure a healthy oral system.

Reasons You Should Plan for a Dental Exam

A patient should be seeing their dentist at least twice a year. Below are various reasons why you should plan for a dental exam.

Checks for Cavities

Do not wait for the pain to become excruciating before visiting your dentist. A dental exam is your perfect opportunity for the dentist to identify dental cavities early before they worsen. These cavities can lead to serious health complications in your bloodstream if left untreated. Patients should visit their dentist twice annually to maintain proper oral health.

Prevents Gum Disease

Leaving your teeth unclean for a long time exposes you to a risk of gum diseases like gingivitis and severe periodontitis. Gum disease can inflame or irritate your gums when left untreated. Your dentist should treat gingivitis early on to prevent advanced gum disease.
Periodontitis is an irreversible condition. Your dentist will check the health of your gums and help you maintain proper oral hygiene.

Enhances Overall Health

Leaving your teeth unclean exposes you to more severe gum infections. Such conditions can inflame and irritate your gums, resulting in swelling and bleeding. Furthermore, these complications are closely linked to your general health. For instance, individuals who have diabetes are more prone to acquire cavities due to increased blood sugar. A dental exam will also allow your dentist to identify any signs of oral cancer.

Saves You Money with Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry controls gum disease, tooth decay, and other early oral complications. A dental exam will allow your dentist to identify early signs of tooth decay. Thus, this is a practical way of saving your teeth before possible complications arise. Your dentist may recommend additional appointments if they identify any serious complications that require extra monitoring.

A dental exam is the best way to maintain your oral health. For more information about dental exams, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Call us at (971) 978-0266 for more information.

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A dental exam is a checkup procedure performed by your dentist for your gums and teeth, typically twice a year. Call to schedule your exam today!
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