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Oral Cancer Screening

Smiling dental patient sitting in exam chairAn oral cancer screening is done by your doctor or dentist to identify precancerous and possible signs of cancer in your mouth. It aims at identifying early signs of curable cancer. Further, your dentist will perform a routine oral cancer screening during your regular appointments. Other dentists will apply additional procedures to identify abnormal areas within your mouth. These procedures are effective in increasing your chances of successful treatment. This is why most dentists account for oral cancer screening that analyzes your mouth. For additional information about oral cancer screenings, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental.

Main Aspects of Oral Cancer Screenings

It is important to be screened for oral cancer. There are two main aspects of oral cancer screenings that include:

Visual Exam

During a visual exam, the dentist will inspect your whole mouth. You will be required to remove any removable dental appliances such as dentures to allow the dentist to examine your mouth correctly. Your dentist will identify swellings, asymmetries, ulcerations, patches of color, and other abnormalities. Also, they will examine your neck, face, lips, cheeks, jaw, nose, and oral cavity. All of these are essential parts of screening for oral cancer.

Your dental practitioner will use a light and a mirror to inspect your mouth. They will also use a tongue depressor to hold your tongue in position for proper visibility. Notably, you'll be required to practice physical procedures such as pronunciation to expose all areas within your throat that can be challenging to view.

Physical Exam

In addition to a visual exam, your dentist will touch your mouth, face, and neck to identify uncommon nodules and masses. This allows them to discover any cancer-causing abnormalities within your mouth. Your dentist will use an intensive investigation to discover any hard lumps or tissues. Oral cancer symptoms may appear in the form of pain but are painless at the early stages. This shows why most dentists will screen for oral cancer regularly.

Devices Used in Oral Cancer Screening

During the oral cancer screening, your oral care specialist will use unique equipment to conduct the oral cancer screening. These may include an oral brush biopsy for removing specimens, fluorescent light, and a mouth rinse to enhance visual screening on mouth tissues.

Possible Procedures After Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is a preventive rather than a diagnostic procedure. You should visit your dentist for regular screenings. In addition, it is advisable to be conscious of cancer risk factors identified by the American Cancer Society. These may include the use of alcohol and tobacco, HPV diagnosis, age (55+), sun exposure, and gender (more prone to men than women).

If your dentist identifies signs of cancer during your oral cancer screening, they may advise you to acquire more tests to explain the symptoms. Always remember that these results will require further investigation before cancer diagnosis. If oral cancer is noticed early, you'll be subjected to treatment-related procedures to minimize health complications. This demonstrates why prevention by early detection is essential.

An oral cancer screening is a perfect opportunity for all patients to identify oral abnormalities for possible treatment procedures. It helps prevent possible health complications before they worsen. If you wish to learn more about oral cancer screenings, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Give us a call at (971) 978-0266 for other helpful information.

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Oral Cancer Screening Portland OR
An oral cancer screening is done by our Portland dentists to identify precancerous and possible signs of cancer in your mouth. Call for more info!
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