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Porcelain Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a shaved down tooth being capped with a porcelain dental crownPorcelain crowns are a specifically designed to restore your injured and decayed teeth, leaving them with a natural appearance. Compared to metallic crowns, porcelain crowns are made to resemble your natural tooth and are helpful, especially for the appearance of your front teeth. These crowns will help restore the full function of your mouth after tooth decay or injury by protecting your affected tooth. Specifically, porcelain crowns provide a strong, durable, and functional replacement for your natural tooth. To learn more about porcelain crowns treatment, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental.

Porcelain Crown Treatment Procedure

Typically, the porcelain crown placement procedure takes place during two appointments. During the first appointment, your dentist will perform a preparation procedure on your tooth to secure a position for the porcelain. This will involve determining and eliminating your tooth's weak part and ensuring an impression to hold a temporary crown. Later, your dentist will remove the temporary crown to fit a new custom-made crown as the final stage of the procedure.

Difference Between Porcelain and Metallic Crowns

Typically, metal-based crowns are prepared using nickel-chromium, cobalt-chromium, and metal alloys. These crowns have been used in dentistry for a long time and are known for their durability. They have fewer chances of wearing out due to chipping than porcelain crowns. Individuals prefer metal-based crowns on their posterior teeth since they cannot be easily seen.

On the other hand, porcelain crowns are specifically designed crowns to resemble your natural teeth. They are available in two options: all-porcelain and all-ceramic. These crowns can be used for front and posterior teeth and are a suitable alternative for individuals suffering from metallic allergies.

Do I Need a Porcelain Crown or an Implant?

Depending on the nature of your teeth, your dentist will advise you on needing a porcelain crown for your dental condition. A dental implant is a prosthetic artificial tooth root that functions like a natural tooth. The implants are specifically fitted into your jawbone to secure a durable and safe fit. In addition, it serves as a base for your dental crown. When combined, they resemble and function almost similar to your natural tooth. However, although a crown can be used to repair or replace part of your broken tooth, it will require a dental implant if your entire tooth is missing.

Potential Complications After Acquiring a Porcelain Crown

A porcelain crown is a helpful solution for your tooth problem. It will enhance comfort, appearance, chewing ability, dental health, and your smile. However, securing a porcelain crown can pose significant threats and complications. They may include:

Increased Teeth Sensitivity

A crowned tooth is less likely to sense temperature variations. However, your tooth may be too sensitive due to pressure variations triggered by biting and talking. You should speak to your dentist for crown replacement if such complications develop.

Crown Chipping

Porcelain crowns are prone to chipping. This can be caused by the impact of falling on hard surfaces. Your dentist can repair minor chips before they damage your entire crown.

Loose Crowns

Your porcelain crown may easily loosen when there is insufficient material to hold it in position. Luckily, your dentist can quickly fix loose and wiggly crowns, and restore the comfort of your crown.

A porcelain crown is a tooth-colored appliance that helps your broken and damaged teeth, making your teeth appear natural. They can improve your oral health and boost your confidence when smiling. For more information about porcelain crowns, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Call us today at (971) 978-0266 for more information.

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