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Teeth Whitening

Close up comparison of before and after teeth whitening treatment on a Black man's smileDental whitening is a cosmetic procedure used to brighten your teeth by removing stains caused by residual food and drink staining. Stains are often more severe on the outer surfaces of the teeth. If treatment fails, a dental whitening procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile by whitening your teeth. During the procedure, your dentist or hygienist will use suitable bleaching agents to leave your teeth sparkling white. To learn more about teeth whitening, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental.

Materials Used in Teeth Whitening

The most common materials used in dental whitening are bleaching agents, resins, and peroxides. Bleaching agents work by removing stains from your teeth while they are still on the surface. Resins bond to the enamel and harden it, which can also cause tooth sensitivity. Peroxides form a phosphate compound that bonds with stains on the surface of the enamel and dissolves them within minutes. Bleaching agents may include hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, triclosan, ortho-phenylenediamine, sodium benzoate, and tetracaine hydrochloride. On the other hand, resins include polyvinylidene fluoride and acrylic polymers such as polyethylene glycol methacrylate.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

The teeth whitening procedure involves using a bleaching gel or solution to remove the stains. The treatment is simple, painless, and non-invasive. The dentist will use a special bleaching tray to apply the gel to your teeth during the procedure. This tray has several small holes so that the gel can reach all parts of your teeth without diluting saliva and other substances naturally found in the mouth.

The next step of the procedure is to allow the gel time to work on your teeth by keeping them at an angle for about 30 minutes (it can take up to four hours). You may rinse with a mouthwash or water until all traces of the gel have disappeared from your teeth.

As you brush regularly throughout the day, any remaining stains will be removed by toothpaste that contains a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide (for example, Colgate Total™). After the procedure, you will notice your teeth are more white than they initially appeared.

Risks Involved with Teeth Whitening Procedure

One of the risks associated with teeth whitening is the possibility of developing sensitivity to your teeth. This sensitivity can result due to chemicals used in the procedure. Sensitive teeth can be very painful and uncomfortable. You may also notice small cracks on your teeth or feel like your gums are burning. The good news is that this will go away after a few days, and there is no permanent damage to your teeth or gums from having these reactions to the bleaching agent used.

Importance of Teeth Whitening Procedure

The teeth whitening procedure helps in removing stains on your teeth. This process is used as a treatment for teeth discoloration. It is done to make your smile brighter and remove stains on the teeth, which may cause bad breath or gingivitis. Thus, you can consider acquiring a dental whitening procedure for your overall dental health. For more information about the teeth whitening procedure, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Call us via (971) 978-0266 for additional information.

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