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Dental Filling

3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and goldOver the years, tooth decay has been a common complication among individuals of different ages. An effective dental restoration procedure is among the best ways to manage this problem. Dental fillings are among one of the best approaches to deal with tooth decay. Typically, fillings manage cavities, minor broken areas, cracks, and wear caused by tooth decay. They fill holes and dents on the tooth's surface, making your teeth look natural. For more information about dental fillings, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental.

How Do Dental Fillings Work?

A dental filling is a procedure by your dentist to fill the space on your damaged or decayed tooth. Typically, the materials used are metal, ceramic, or glass. Your dentist will place an impression over the area and create a new filling using wax or plastic to hold it in place. The procedure may take several hours, depending on how extensive the damage is and how many other cavities you have on your teeth.

Materials Used as Dental Fillings

There are different types of materials used for fillings. The type of filling material will depend on your dentist and your needs. The following are the most commonly used materials:

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are made of resin mixed with a fibrous material. The resin hardens around the fibrous material and forms a complete seal. These fillings are commonly used in the back of the teeth where other materials cannot be used. There are two types of composite fillings: white composite and clear composite.

Ceramic Dental Fillings

Ceramic fillings are made from a strong, durable material resistant to heat and can be made in various colors and designs. Also, these fillings are noted for their ability to resist damage from acids, bacteria, and even decay-causing bacteria. In addition, ceramic dental fillings are remarked as not producing allergic reactions in patients.

Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam is a flexible, lightweight material that can be used as a filler in small areas of tooth decay. It is also used to fill tiny holes in the enamel where no decay is present. It comprises a mixture of silver and mercury, which is more stable than traditional amalgam and does not typically require special cleaning procedures. This filling is generally safe for most people, although it may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. In such cases, you should consult your dentist before using silver amalgam fillings.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer fillings, also known as calcium hydroxide, are a composite used to fill cavities in your teeth. They are made from a combination of silica and limestone powder mixed with water. The mixture forms an insoluble gel, which can be used as a filling material. The benefits of these fillings are that they are highly resistant to decay, do not leave any residue on the surface of your teeth, and can be easily removed if you want to change your tooth color or shape after a few years.

Tooth decay can be painful. Fortunately, dental fillings are the best treatment for addressing this problem. Do not wait until the problem worsens; visit your dentist for a dental filling restorative procedure. To learn more about dental fillings, visit Bridge City Smiles Family Dental. Call us today at (971) 978-0266 for additional information.

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